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We have 2 x 5 furrow vari-width Kverneland ploughs




We have 2 Kuhn 3-metre power-harrows.




We use Dowdeswell discs which can be used straight into stubble or on top of plough.



Minimum tillage

We have a minimum tillage cultivator which can sometimes, depending on conditions, be used in just one pass in front of a drill.  




We have a several different options for sub soiling; a plain Subsoiler with packer roller or with discs and packer or tines and packer, a small seeder can be added to the Subsoiler for planting rape for example.  



We have many other pieces of cultivation equipment available, please call or email to discuss your requirements so that we can assess which piece of machinery is right for the job and send with a skilled operator.  

Westover Farm Contractors     Tel:  07973 565 319     Email:  [email protected]