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By Westover Farm, May 23 2013 08:00AM

TES New Teachers recently published an article entitled “School Trips: a stress free guide to organising trips”. It reveals findings from Ofsted’s report “Learning outside the classroom: How far should you go?” in that schools and colleges are not utilising the benefits of schools trips. Having seen children of all ages visit the farm get a educational and exciting experience as well as positive feedback from teachers we can fully appreciate the value of learning outside of the classroom. I hope that new teachers in particular are inspired by the article and use the guide to explore options that will prove a powerful tool in their teaching.

By Westover Farm, May 21 2013 08:19AM

One of the things that is very important when we have workers or visitors to the farm is health and safety. There are so many rules and regulations with regards to people on the farm and it is important we and other farms follow these. We provide a risk assessment before a group visit the farm and ensure that we brief visitors when they arrive at the farm as to what they can and can't do. Most of it is common sense but we have to remember that a lot of people that visit the farm have not been to one before so need to briefed on how to act on a farm.

I was reminded of this when watching Helicopter Heroes recently as a young girl who lived on the farm had an accident, showing just how important it is to have you wits about you at all times on the farm. (Footage is at 25mins in).

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